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Coaching and Mentoring

“Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values, and how they best perform”
 - Peter Drucker

“A successful hotel has more than one person responsible for its success-no single leader can create a successful hotel. Anticipating the future with your management team will pay off at performance evaluation time."
 - Drew Dimond – The Dimond Plan 

The cost of turnover has been studied and documented and most agree that the true cost is equal to a year’s salary. Research also indicates that the number one reason people stay or leave an organization is the quality of the relationship they have with their boss. Coaching can provide the foundation for improving the relationship between managers and the people they support and depend on.

Coaching instills a sense of passion and helps people generate consistent and outstanding results. Coaching breeds passion because employees thrive when they are recognized. They become confident and their commitment and competency rises.

Coaching, used in combination with The Dimond Plan© - a hotel turnaround strategy, establishes a link between personal and organizational success. Coaching helps people to understand how individual contributions impact success of the hotel.

Through coaching, managers gain clarity and focus on objectives; coaching supports and encourages healthy communication in all relationships.